NaNoWriMo 2022: Day 5

Day 5: 8 November 2022

For this year’s NaNoWriMo, I’ll be writing for 22 days in November. This gives me a daily target of 2,273 words, which will be about 2 chapters per day.

I ran out of time on Monday, so didn’t do my daily quota on NaNo. That means that Day 5 was a day late. I’m not overly worried, though, because I’m still only around 382 words behind normal NaNo schedule. If I can show up every day now for the rest of the week, I should easily be able to catch up with that.

The book is coming along. I’m tweaking previous chapters as I’m doing the read-through to remind me what I wrote last time. But the chapters are shorter again, as I don’t want to repeat everything and the chapter exercises are all pretty much the same already but with different specifics. (The book is about who/where, so character and location, and I’m still on characters for the main part.)

I wrote 2,743 words against a daily 2,273 target.

Day 1 = 3,706 words.
Day 2 = 2,508 words.
Day 3 = 2,585 words.
Day 4 = 1,412 words.
Day 5 = 2,743 words.

I’ll be posting (week)daily updates, with Diary of a Tiger moving to a weekly Saturday post for the duration of this year’s NaNo.


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    1. Yeah, had a few interruptions, but all is well. Not had much time at the computer. Busy getting tied up in red tape for things that should be really simple. Will catch up over the next few days. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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