Diary of a Tiger: Tue 25 Oct 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 47: Tuesday 25 October

I had a difficult night on Thursday night due to both the dog and the cat waking me up not once but twice. Each. They always wake me up and not the poet. Probably because he sleeps through it anyway. The second time the cat woke me up she jumped on my shoulder (I was on my side, fast asleep) and she yelled into my earhole. 

The poet had to get up for a Teams meeting, but he took the animals with him and let me sleep for another hour… I actually slept for the best part of 2 hours. That meant that most of the day was already gone by the time I reached my desk. And that also meant potential weekend work.

When I did get to my desk, though, the first job of the day was the graphics for Monday’s publication day. Then I wrote and scheduled Monday’s post to accompany publication.

I was a bit waylaid by Reedsy asking me for some more books for my editing/proofreading portfolio. They wanted major publishing houses or lots of reviews, so I had to choose a few that had lots of reviews. And I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t consider one of the major publishers of social and military history a major enough publishing house, which made me wonder if they know many non-fiction publishing houses…

Over the weekend, the new ghostwriting job/client materialised after an email exchange. That job was due to start yesterday, but the work hadn’t arrived at the time of writing this, so I was able to carry on with some other stuff.

This week began with the first of four appointments – a fasting blood test ahead of an ultrasound that takes place on Wednesday. This is a follow up to the pancreatitis I suffered earlier in the year to ensure nothing’s going on there.

Who knew that we can just walk into a hospital and have a blood test? I didn’t, and nor did the poet. So when we left the house at 8:30am we were totally expecting to be sent home again as soon as we got there. Well, we were sent home pretty much straight away, but only after they’d taken the necessary blood. We were back home before 10am, which meant a normal day for me, pretty much.

Monday, of course, was publication day, so that consisted of publicity for that too, as well as the usual admin for Monkey Dust. I also started today’s blog post and I wrote the blurb for GW1 Book 11. And I collected my wages for GW1 Book 11 Part 3.

It sounds really bad, but the pound was still doing so badly against the dollar that it was actually worth me collecting my money when I did, for on the stroke of 2pm, when it was announced that there was only one contender for the prime minister’s job and therefore his by default, the pound started to rally again. I probably got the best rate I possibly could, and it was certainly the highest amount the same sum has ever worked out at.

I spent a lot of time editing the history book, which had its usual effect of me wishing I had more time to spend on it, as it’s well written and interesting. Hopefully I’ll get some more done today.

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