Diary of a Tiger: Thu 20 Oct 2022

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Chapter 45: Thursday 20 October

I’m doing a few diaries on the trot at the moment because I’m still not back into the swing of my regular weekly chores. I am reading the next book for review, so as soon as that’s done, there’ll be a Tuesday book review. And I’m also gradually looking for a planner that works for me, so as soon as I can there will be more Wednesday writing prompts. 

There’s unlikely to be a portable garden this week post on a Thursday until the planting season starts again, or at least the prepping season for planting. There simply isn’t enough going on in the garden other than cutting the grass, which has slowed right down now, and blowing/sucking leaves. I’ll either find another topic to talk about on a Thursday, or I’ll carry on with the diary.

Publication Mondays are also going to drop off after the week after next as I reach the end of my publishing challenge. I’ll still be publishing books, and they’ll still be published on a Monday. Just not every week.

So, the question is, what would you like to see on the blog? If you like the diary, I’ll carry on with that, but even the current Diary of a Tiger will be finishing at the end of the year. Let me know in the comments below or reply to the newsletter if you get it or contact me the way you usually contact me.

In the meantime, I’ll just carry on with the diary.

Yesterday was a day of admin. I was trying out and completing my new diary printouts and seeing which ones worked, which ones were useful, and which are a waste of time or simply duplicating what the others do. I currently have a monthly planner, a weekly planner and a daily planner, all with real time dates on them. This planner replaces the A5 desk diary, which may be replaced in any case with a proper organiser yet.

Already the planner is working as I’m ticking off more things and carrying fewer things over to the next day or week. And yesterday I even got around to adding in the topical dates for October. If I can catch up, I’ll soon have those writing prompts ready again.

The other job I did of my own was brainstorm a new short story featuring my time-travel sister and brother team Toni and Bart. At the moment it’s in my head, but later today I want to try and thrash it out on Plottr.

For the rest of the day I edited a history book, and that’s another job I’ll continue with today. Other jobs include starting GW1 Book 11 Part 4. Today I have to write the blurb and the next chapter. I really want to get on top of this so I’m not ramming it all into 2 days again.

Here, then, are today’s jobs:

  • Outline new Toni & Bart short story
  • Brainstorm short story for online workshop assignment
  • Prepare and publish Book 54 (whoo-hoo!), The Bonfire Party
  • Reconcile daily diary with planners
  • Write today’s blog post (didn’t get around to it yesterday)
  • Write and schedule tomorrow’s blog post
  • GW1/11/4 write blurb
  • GW1/11/4 write Chapter 28
  • Copy edit hard copy history book (continued)

Percolating in the background will be which project to do for NaNo. I’d love for it to be my new Regency mystery story (Lady Matilda Investigates…), but with the project management book for writers Book 1 selling, I could also use the time to work on the remaining 4 books.

Or, if I start to manage my time much better, I could work on both and only one of them will be for NaNo, in which case, it’ll be the Regency for NaNo and the writers’ guide book for ‘my work’.

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1 thought on “Diary of a Tiger: Thu 20 Oct 2022

  1. I love reading about your daily work balance, and I hope you continue it even after Diary of a Tiger ends.

    You know I’m rooting for the Regency Mystery, but whatever you choose for Nano, you’ve got support!

    I can’t believe we already have to plan for next year’s garden. It looks like we’ll have tomatoes for Christmas, because after faffing around all summer, the tomato plants are taking off. No idea why.

    I will plant the bulbs next Wednesday, the next planting day, according to the moon calendar.

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