Diary of a Tiger: Wed 19 Oct 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 44: Wednesday 19 October

I had 2 lots of good news on Tuesday.

First of all, I saw I’d sold some more books. This is amazing and it really is true that since I started to publish a book a week for a year, I’ve sold more books than I ever did in the previous 12 years.

I was already doing loads better since shifting to Draft2Digital, but it’s also true that if the books are available, then people will buy them. If they’re not there, then buyers will move on to someone else who does have an inventory. They won’t wait for the next book to be written.

I always thought that my biggest sales channel was Overdrive, which is a lending library, I believe. But my 3 biggest sellers are actually paperbacks:

  1. Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 1 – 10
  2. Project Management For Writers: Gate 1 (Eek!)*
  3. Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 11 – 20

* Why the eek? Because I need to write Books 2, 3, 4 & 5 if people are actually buying Book 1.

However, between starting this blog post and finishing it, I’d sold another rash of books, which affected the top three thus:

  1. Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 1 – 10
  2. Ten Short Stories: Wordsworth Shorts 21 – 30
  3. Project Management For Writers: Gate 1

Excuse me while I sit with mouth agape… 😮

All paperbacks. Wow… Thank you, whoever you are.

The other piece of good news is that my newsletter is growing – so welcome to you! There are a few names on there now who I don’t know personally, which is wonderful… and also a bit scary.

The payment authorisation came through for the ghostwriting I sent off last week, and finalised yesterday, and the new contract arrived for the final instalment with a deadline date of next Friday. The new client has said she is sending me the new job so I can start it if I get chance, but so far that hasn’t arrived.

And I joined the ranks of Reedsy. (Subject to approval…)

Then I published the next book in the 54-book schedule, which was how I noticed that my book sales had gone up and the top 3 slight fluctuation. Then I closed down the office and took some hard-copy book editing into the living room to read in comfort.

I decided against ghostwriting yesterday, and I’m not doing any today either. I need a couple of days off and I want to brainstorm some short stories of my own. I’ll continue with the editing, though.

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