Diary of a Tiger: Thu 13 Oct 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 41: Thursday 13 October

The blank planner and diary spreadsheets I adapted and printed off yesterday seem to be working already. I’m more focused and ticking things off again. I’ve tried to go down the electronic-only route, but it isn’t working for me. I’m better with a hard-copy diary of sorts, preferably with time slots.

I’m still working through the weekly planners, to see which one of those I prefer. I use these when I’m doing my date work, which means the ones I printed for October 2022 are already out of date. As soon as I can fit it in, I’ll do the think/write/submit thing for 6 months ahead, which means if I was doing it now, I’d be looking at topical anniversaries for April 2023.

I worked until midnight last night, but don’t seem to have got through as much as I wanted and needed too. Instead of staring at a blank screen much of the time, I wrote up my new ‘diary’ for the week.

Today is ghostwriting, and it’s likely I’ll be working late. Short and sweet today, then, as I have a pressing deadline. I’m tired, but hopefully I’ll push through it and avoid too many distractions.

(Note to self: disconnect laptop from internet.)

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2 thoughts on “Diary of a Tiger: Thu 13 Oct 2022

  1. Yes, I find the paper diary works much better. I’ve been using the weekly calendar sheets by General Blue to schedule uploaded marketing/ads/releases, while using the big desk blotter calendar for everything else.

    I’m on the hunt for a bigger desk blotter calendar for next year. And running out of project colors.

    1. I think I’m going back to the old FiloFax organiser. I had an A4 one once, which I could insert printables into, and I had an A5 one, which was replaced by the A5 diaries when the pre-printed inserts became too dear. But if it means I’m more productive, one piece of writing should more than cover the once-a-year expense.

      I had a look for desk blotters but they all seem to start on Sunday, and as I’m a Brit with mild OCD, I really need one that starts on a Monday, but all of those are tiny in comparison.

      Oh, and does this mean you can comment again? 🙃 It may have been a glitch on here, but I didn’t get a report, which I usually do even if the site is down for a nano-second!

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