Publication Day!

Shaking the Tree, a Wordsworth Short, is published today!

A long time ago I wrote a short story that I called The Spirit of the Wind, which was published in My Weekly. It was also published in Twee Tales and back at the start of this publishing challenge, it was Book 1 (although I released it after Book 2). 

Twee Tales was a very successful collection of short stories and a friend of mine read The Spirit in the Wind in there. Then, thirty years after the original story was set, my friend asked if I would write a sequel.

Eventually I wrote Shaking the Tree and I sent it to My Weekly first, out of courtesy mainly. They couldn’t find the original story, though (I do have it in my portfolio, so I’m not imagining it), and the fiction editor at the time didn’t remember it. She decided to reject it, for reasons I can’t remember, and so I sent it to The People’s Friend, which is in the same stable of magazines.

The People’s Friend published it and changed the name to The Walled Garden. This version, however, is my original version, and so I kept my original title.

Shaking the Tree has since been published in Twee Tales Twee and Twee Tales More, and now it’s a standalone Wordsworth Short.

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