Diary of a Tiger: Thu 28 Jul 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 28: Wednesday 28 July

I’ve been working on a few things today.

The biggest job has been the editing job. I was determined to get to the end of another chapter today, and I did it. It’s such a huge job, it’s taking far too long, to the extent that following a chat with the client, I’m probably going to break out the chapters into separate files and send those to the author, (a) so he knows I haven’t forgotten him, and (b) so he has something to be working on.

The next thing I did was finalise this week’s newsletter. That went out earlier this afternoon, so do check your spam and junk folders if it hasn’t arrived yet. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so at the bottom of this blog post, or use the form in the sidebar (which is at the bottom if you’re reading on a mobile device in portrait format).

The ghostwriting client (design team, I think) had a question for me this morning so she could sort out the cover for the current book. I fished out the information she needed, so I hope she’s happy with that.

Then the ghostwriting client boss man asked if we could thrash out the timescale for the next one – Book 11. The problem with this is that we have a holiday coming up in August and also something else that will take a lot of time (information in this week’s newsletter, folks!). So I can’t get the first instalment of this back to him before the end of the first week in September.

That’s all right, though. We sorted out a timescale that we’re both able to work with, but it does mean that Part 4 won’t be with them until well into the middle of October. I went into the project management system, ClickUp, and added all the parts. I have a template for this job so all I had to do was duplicate it and then add in the dates. Then I made a blank one for Book 12, just in case.

I had a nice surprise as we were discussing things. I thought the current instalment was due in on Tuesday next week, but it’s due in on Wednesday. That gives me a whole extra day to spend on it. This one has been tight all the way through. The next one I hope will be at a more leisurely rate.

I kept breaking off to do something towards the thing that’s hopefully happening next month, and then I did some work for CampNaNo.

The poet went off to band practice (ooh, takeaway for tea on his way home!), and I published the next 2 books in my publishing challenge:

Diary of a Tiger: Out in 2023

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