Publication Day!

Tea for Two, a Wordsworth Flash Fiction, is published today!

This is another very short story I wrote a long time ago, and the first version was well over 2,000 words. I kept on chipping away at it until I was finally satisfied.

It did do the rounds, back in the day, but in those days I was using a green letterhead and, apparently, some fiction editors were so swamped with unsolicited submissions that they invented random reasons to auto-reject them, and green letterheads was one of those.

Fiction editors I know today deny all knowledge of this little foible, apart from the former fiction editor who told me that’s what she and her team did. This was back in the 1980s, when there were loads and loads of weekly magazines that published short stories.

Another apparent reason for auto-rejection was membership of the NUJ, which I was also told by a former fiction editor (a different one), so that came off my short story cover letter letterheads too.

Anyway, I really like this story, so I ended up publishing it myself. Now it’s been been published in Twee Tales Twee, Twee Tales More and Flash Fiction 2.

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