Publications last week and this week

The week before last, I was stupidly busy trying to finish a ghostwriting instalment. I did it, but it meant much of my other work was neglected. So I was stupidly busy last week as well, catching up on all of that.

However, the publishing challenge was still underway – such is the beauty of being able to upload several books in advance so that when I do run out of time, the challenge/schedule isn’t affected much.

Last Monday, then, the short story After the Storm was published yesterday.

After the Storm is another story I wrote a long, long time ago. It went off on its rounds, but the only feedback I had was from one market who asked me to tweak it a little. I did the tweaking, but it was still rejected. Apparently, there wasn’t as much emotion as they would like. I do like the story, though, so I published i myself.

Today, another short story has been published.

The Battle of Killiecrankie is one I wrote for fun, again a long time ago. I think it went to just one magazine and it was rejected. I can’t remember the reason why. However, it’s a fun one and it will probably be the first in a series of stories featuring the same characters as I start to ramp up the short story-writing again.

Both books are Wordsworth Shorts, and they’re available from

Alternatively, you can go straight here.