Two publication days!

Due to last week’s hospital stay, I didn’t get around to writing up the latest publishing challenge post. That doesn’t mean I missed the challenge. Thanks to technology and being able to load several books in one go. I still managed to publish a book last week and this week.

Last Monday, It Wasn’t Me – a Wordsworth Short was published and today, The Easter Egg Hunt – a(nother) Wordsworth Short was published. Both stories have chocolate, or a hint of chocolate, as their theme.

The Easter Egg Hunt was one of my greatest successes. I came up with the idea overnight, furiously wrote the first draft the following morning, quickly proof-read it and sent it off, and it was accepted by return. All in one day. As the idea occurred to me, I already knew which market it would suit and it ran out at the right length first pop. That’s the way to do it.

Both stories are available from Alternatively, you can go straight here.

Hopefully, the publishing challenge will return next week.

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