The portable garden

The poet bought me some new gardening gloves.

We’ve been at this house for almost 2 years and we’ve yet to do anything with the garden. This is for 2 reasons:

  1. We didn’t know how long we’d be staying here
  2. It’s not really a very nice garden

We did get a quote to make it nice, for us, but that came back at around the £2,250-mark, just for carting away all the gravel and turfing it over. As it would be far less than that for us to move house (we do most of the moving ourselves), we decided against it.

This week, with some glorious weather last weekend and with 3 bank holiday weekends looming, I asked the poet if we could start work on the garden, but do something portable so that we can take it all with us when we move house again.

He said yes, and on Saturday we did our first batch of shopping. He bought me some new gardening gloves and he bought him a new chainsaw. (It’s fine! This means he’ll be doing all the chainsaw work, while I’ll be doing jobs that merely need a pair of leather gloves.)

On Sunday the work started in earnest, although we did do a couple of small jobs on Saturday when we got back from the shops. (He shopped, I stayed in the car with the dog.) The dog was so excited at all of the sudden activity in the garden that he had to help. He dug a big hole, put his rubber bone in it, got his rubber bone out of it again, and called it a day.

Following my recent stint in hospital, we’ve also realised that I really need to move around a bit more. I’m home-based and spend much time in a chair, either at a desk or in an easy chair. So we decided that part of my new regular daily activity would include some pottering in the garden.

The poet will be doing a lot of the big jobs, but I’ll be doing the sowing, the potting, the weeding and the planning. I’ll also be itemising how much we spend, to see if making a portable garden really is cheaper than having the entire garden turfed.

And, of course, I’ll be doing a regular weekly update on here. I used to do it before, back in the Baggins Bottom days, only then it was ‘Wormy’s Garden’. Now it’s going to be ‘The Portable Garden This Week’. I was going to call it ‘From the Potting Shed’, but I suspect that’s already been done.

Thursdays will be the posting day. I hope you’ll pop along and join in with all the fun.

Rufus helped…

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