The cat woke me up

Our Holly, when she was younger. Yowled at me, in my face, to wake up! (Picture: Diane Wordsworth)

After a 2am finish again on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning was another late one. The cat actually woke me up at 10am (she yowled at me, right in my face), so I was already 2 hours late before even starting my working day.

I read more of my NetGalley book over breakfast, as well as completed my social hour. And when I landed at my desk, I finished off yesterday’s blog post and posted it. The bit I added was the statistics bit, which was a bit of an eye-opener in itself.

And then I started today’s blog post.

It was already dinner time (lunch time) by the time I started client work, but I still had the day turned on its head, determined to clear my client quota before starting my NaNo quota.

At least if the client work is gone by Friday, any work at the weekend will be solely NaNo. And, possibly, reading.

I started with the 3,000-word bonus short story for Ghostwriting Client #1. But by the time I finished and submitted it, I’d run out of steam. I was shattered. So everything else was moved along a day.