Getting ahead with publicity materials

From 1 November I have five new products scheduled for publication. Three of them are Wordsworth Shorts (standalone short stories, although some do seem to be falling into collections), one is the first short standalone episode in a series, The Ace of Wands, and the fifth one is my first ever novella, Mardi Gras.

These are all scheduled to publish a week apart.

These books and booklets are already with the publisher and waiting to go. But I’m going to be a bit busy in November, writing around 110,000 words, 50,000 of which are for NaNoWriMo.

So yesterday morning, during my ‘my work’ time, I set to work on the publicity flyers. I’ve done one for each story for both Twitter and Instagram. I can use the Twitter flyers for other things, but Instagram posts need to be square, so they get their own versions.

I suppose this is some of the prep work for NaNo, as I’m doing it now so I don’t have to worry about it in November.

I’ve already worked quite hard on the covers, and I hope I’ve given each of the themes their own look.

All of these stories are already in Words Worth Reading Issue 1. You can get Words Worth Reading in multi-ebook format from and it’s available in paperback. The Spirit of the Wind is also in Twee Tales.

I did the blog digest for the old site (although I may be closing that one down soon) and I updated the blog posts on Medium (as I’m starting to get blog readers there too).

Yesterday’s big news was that Amazon have accepted my letter from me to me giving me permission to publish my own copyrighted work wherever I see fit…

And the poet started work on the new Tarot card I’ll be using on the cover of my NaNoWriMo 2021 project. It’s going to be another novella.

The afternoon was spent, once again, ghostwriting. And it also went on a little into the evening…