Faffing with covers (again!)

(artwork for book cover by Peter H from Pixabay)

Yesterday’s morning faff was cover work again.

I’ve wanted to rebrand my short stories for a while because I thought the old ones were a bit wishy washy.

With three short stories appearing in the magazine in October, and with me wanting to release them after the magazine’s been published, yesterday I think I finally did it.

These are the short, complete stories that will be appearing in the magazine. Two of them are brand-new, one is from the archives, and the first one is the cover story…

… now I just need to write the two new ones…

Here, then are the covers of the first three stories for when they’re released (or re-released) afterwards. I’ll be using the original artwork in the magazine itself:

I also created the covers for the first four Tarot short stories.

This is the first series of related but standalone stories that I’m writing for the magazine. They’re also the back story for the main Tarot novellas featuring my recently renamed star, Stevie Bex (or Becks – I haven’t decided yet):

I asked the poet to recreate the Tarot cards, and the first story is already in the magazine. However, I’m using the background artwork to these in the magazine.

The other two stories in the magazine are excerpts. One is from Night Crawler and the other is from Mardi Gras. I already have the Night Crawler cover, but I’m still undecided about the Mardi Gras cover. Here they all are anyway:

Again, I’ll be using the artwork in the magazine, but the middle cover might be difficult because it’s made up of elements.

What do you think? Do you like them? And which one do you prefer for Mardi Gras?