News flash! Follow the new site!

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Apparently (said she hopefully), you can now follow the new site. (That’s this one!)

Go to the comment form, start to leave a comment, and the option should appear to either receive notifications for new comments, or receive notifications for new blog posts.

You may need to leave a comment first, in order for it to work. But that only needs to be a ‘Yo!’.

The tick boxes look like this (But don’t tick these ones here!):



If it works, then you won’t need your subscription to Substack. If it doesn’t work, then you can still subscribe to the blog on Substack for free here.

I have yet to work out how to add a follow button to the sidebar but, hey. Baby steps, eh?

Go on, give it a whirl. Let me see if it’s working or not.

Thank you!