Rainy weekend

(Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

On Friday the rain came (again), and along with it a few thunderstorms. So some of my time was spent watching either the storm through the window or pigeons and blackbirds cavorting in the puddles.

With a weekend of storms forecast, we decided to spend it at home, apart from Monkey Dust’s gig on Friday night. And I spread my Friday work out, moving some of it to the weekend after all.


First job Friday was Friday’s blog post. Then it was rejigging some of the workload to the weekend. I decluttered my desk area a bit and gave it a dust, and the gardener sent a message that they wouldn’t be coming.

I tracked the storms for a bit, and I wrote a chapter for Ghostwriting book 5. We had to leave early for the gig. We didn’t get to bed until almost 4am on Saturday.

Here’s how Friday panned out:

  • wrote Friday’s blog post (875 words)
  • tracked the thunderstorms
  • wrote Chapter 21 Ghostwriting Book 5 (2,001 words)
  • started today’s blog post (149 words)
  • Monkey Dust gig

Words written today = 3,025 words


A late Friday night meant a long lie-in on Saturday. We also had to go and get a pet-proof back seat cover for the new car and two new toys for the dog, as he was pulling chunks off his existing ones that are likely to cause obstructions.

By the time we’d visited the mother-in-law too, we were shattered, and I couldn’t face going into the office let alone firing up the computer and starting work. So we had a lazy evening.

I found out that our next-door neighbour (literally at the end of our drive and over the hedge on the other side of the road) the last flight-worthy Vulcan bomber was having a run out on Sunday morning, its first public appearance since before lockdown. (No longer flyable.)


We were up a lot earlier than we were on Saturday and had already done a few chores and things by the time we heard the Vulcan on its morning run. It was very loud, but not for very long.

I sat down at my desk with a cup of tea and moved things along in my diary, tidied my desk again, looked at the rain. Then I stared at the computer for a bit… (displacement much?)

I did manage three chapters before calling it a night.

Here’s how Sunday turned out in the end:

  • wrote Chapter 22 Ghostwriting Book 5 (2,035 words)
  • wrote Chapter 23 Ghostwriting Book 5 (2,056 words)
  • wrote Chapter 24 Ghostwriting Book 5 (2,018 words)
  • finished today’s blog post (340 words)

Words written today = 6,449 words

Hopefully, this was my last working weekend for a while.


I’m back to doing some handwriting work first thing today, then the rest of the day will be finishing Part 3 of the current ghostwriting gig. The poet is going back to being office-based for a couple of weeks, so that will be a big change.