Thunderstorms at last!

(Image by Brin Weins from Pixabay)


After such a lazy day on Tuesday, I was surprised that I actually made it to my desk at 10am, on the cuckoo! I went straight into my first Pomodoro, which was handwriting work. For my handwriting work this week, I’m doing the exercises in Get Started in Creative Writing.

I started today’s blog post, then I started work on Chapter 11 for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1. I had the poet’s contribution to go through and then I had to check what I’d written the day before.

There was supposed to be a gardener here at 2pm to remove all of the gravel in our back garden ahead of having it turfed in a week or so. However, the long-awaited thunderstorm finally arrived in our neck of the woods, and we had to postpone it. I did, however, enjoy the storm.

Up next, I had to write Chapter 12 of the project management book, which I did. And I sent it to the poet for his contribution. After that, I finished this week’s Wednesday writing prompts and posted that to publish yesterday as well as yesterday’s writing journal post.

I wondered why I suddenly felt so tired so early. And then I saw today’s word-count.

Here’s how Wednesday went:

  • did two handwriting exercises (658 words)
  • edited Chapter 11 of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 and went through the poet’s contribution (597 words)
  • formatted and published Chapter 11 for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium
  • shared links for the published Medium story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new published story on Medium to the master index
  • Wrote Chapter 12 of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 (1,366 words)
  • wrote and posted this week’s Wednesday writing prompts (495 words)
  • watched the storm (oooohh!)
  • wrote today’s blog (300 words)

Words written today = 3,416 words