Wednesday writing prompts

Image by Lee Sommers from Pixabay

Commercial whaling ban

Forty years ago next year, on 23 July 1982, the International Whaling Commission voted for a total ban on commercial whaling from 1985.

How did that go? How long did it last? Is it still in place? What was the background behind the ban?

You could approach this topic in several ways. You could:

  1. do a profile on the International Whaling Commission
  2. interview three people: an official from the IWC; a commercial whaler; a business person who profits from the whale industry
  3. interview three more people: an activist who wants to ban whaling for ever; a volunteer from a whale/marine conservation organisation; a tourist who wants to see whales in their natural environment
  4. research and write a travel feature on whale-watching trips
  5. research and write a feature on what we use whales for and how we can get that elsewhere

Or you could write a story or a novel using whales and/or whalers as your starting point. (Moby Dick anyone?) How about something about Moby Dick or any of the other characters in the book?

Amelia Earhart

One hundred and twenty-five years ago next year, on 24 July 1897, Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas.

What do we know about Amelia Earhart? What can you find out? What is she famous for? What else did she do that is less famous?

Again, here are some suggestions:

  1. research and write a potted biography of Amelia Earhart
  2. find out about the Ninety-Nines and write about them – or write a story with a member as the main character
  3. write a feature on the history of aviation
  4. research and write a round-up of all the speculation surrounding her disappearance
  5. do a round-up of other mysterious disappearances at sea
  6. write a travel feature about Kansas

Was there recently a new discovery regarding Amelia Earhart’s disappearance? What do you think happened to her? Was she kidnapped by aliens?

The 25th Olympic Games

Thirty years ago next year, on 25 July 1992, the 25th summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona in Spain.

There is always some controversy surrounding the Olympics. What was controversial about the Barcelona games? Was there no controversy and that was the actual controversy? Or did some countries appear for the first time ever or the first time in xx years?

Here are some more topics:

  1. a potted history of the modern Olympic Games
  2. a potted history of the ancient Olympic Games
  3. controversy and the Olympic Games through the years
  4. the politics surrounding host-country selection
  5. five famous faux-pas that happened at the Olympic Games
  6. six of the best Olympic opening ceremonies
  7. seven of the worst Olympic opening ceremonies
  8. ten top Olympic heroes
  9. a profile on the International Olympic Committee or one or more of its members
  10. a travel feature on Barcelona

The Olympic Games happen every four years, usually (excluding pandemic year and world wars), so that makes them an evergreen too.

Over to you…

… and don’t forget to come back and let me know if and what you did, and how it fared.