Working weekend ahead

So I’m not doing brilliantly, but at least I’m doing. In other words, I’m not sat navel-gazing or twiddling my thumbs. Tuesday seems such a long time ago, I can hardly remember what I was so busy doing. Thank goodness for the diary!


The plan, of course, was to do some ghostwriting. But it was Tuesday on Twitter and that meant #TuesdayNews.

I always share any of these #TuesdayNews Tweets when I see them, but I never have anything for them to Tweet back if they want to. So I created a flyer for all of my self-published books, complete with hotlink. (Click the pic!)

Having gone to the time and effort to create the flyer, I then went around sharing it everywhere and making it my header picture anywhere that I could.

The next thing I did was format and publish the short story that has the factual inaccuracy in it to see if anyone cares. So far they haven’t, or they haven’t said that they do, so I’m going to leave it there for a bit.

Because this story has been published on Medium, there are now three more short stories ready to be published on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, bringing the total so far to nine. When the first 12 have all been done, I’ll create a single flyer for them all.

Then I’ll just leave them up there. They will have new leases of life when the magazine is published in the autumn. And I may create more themed bundles. But as standalones, they’ll all stay up there.

I went through the latest input from the poet for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 and then published the next chapter on Medium. And I fiddled with an old Wednesday writing prompts and scheduled that to post on Medium on Wednesday morning.

I managed to write and schedule this week’s writing prompts, and then I turned to the ghostwriting and finally finished the Scrivener binder for Book 6.

Here’s how Tuesday went:

  • book marketing work
  • formatted and published Lilac in the Spring on Medium
  • edited, formatted and published The ‘Gates’ for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium
  • tweaked and published an old Wednesday writing prompts on Medium
  • wrote and scheduled this week’s Wednesday writing prompts on here (361 words)
  • shared links for the Medium stories on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new stories on Medium to the master index
  • completed the binder work in Scrivener for ghostwriting book 6

Words written today = 361


Wednesday morning dawned and I woke to find I’d been added to another three publications on Medium. Two of them I’d applied for, the third one I hadn’t.

The owner of all three publications then added me to a Slack workspace and I spent a lot of time running through all of the stuff on there for new writers (to the publications).

My three new publications are:

Synergy is the extra one, but I think I was added to it because it’s a publication by writers for writers.

I didn’t have much time to do a fat lot of anything else as the cat was due at the vet. The vet was worried that she might be developing asthma, but it turned out that her problem was a 2-inch long (apx 5cm) grass seed head that was stuck up her nose.

She’s being weaned off her steroids again, and she’s back on antibiotics for a week, just to make sure that there’s no infection. But she’s great now and back to normal. (Yay!)

By the time I got back and had dinner, it was well into the afternoon again. I published the next part of Project Management for Writers: Gate 1, and the rest of the day was spent on both of the ghostwriting gigs.

For Book 5 I had a few alterations to make to Part 1, and for Book 6 I was researching characters (photographs) and places (photographs, diagrams, information, etc).

Here’s what happened on Wednesday:

  • took cat to vet
  • faffed around on the new publications’ community pages
  • edited, formatted and published Chapter 1 for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium (added 23 words)
  • shared links for the Medium story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new story on Medium to the master index
  • amended Part 1 of ghostwriting Book 5 (added 327 words)
  • researched characters and places for ghostwriting Book 6

Words written today = 350 words


On Thursday, I finally did some writing for ghostwriting gig #6. It really was a wrench, though, and I’m not overly happy with what I wrote. But at least I got over the hump of not writing anything, so that’s something at least.

Because I was struggling, I thought it might be a lot quicker to go and grab another Medium post and make it yesterday’s blog post. But as it didn’t bring any of the formatting or any of the pictures over with itself, I spent more time formatting that and making it work.

That’s what you get for rushing and trying to be clever.

I did, however, also get the next chapter up for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1. But I had to finish earlier than I would have liked due to having to go to fat club and then shopping.

Here’s what I got up to on Thursday:

  • republished In Search of Little John’s Grave for yesterday’s blog post
  • formatted and published Chapter 2 for Project Management for Writers: Gate 1 on Medium
  • shared links for the Medium story on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • added the new story on Medium to the master index
  • wrote 4,169 words for ghostwriting gig #6 Part 1
  • went to fat club
  • weekly shopping

Words written today = 4,169 words


I did hope to be at a place where I could submit ghostwriting gig #6 today. Sadly, that’s not going to be the case. Fortunately, I have until the end of Sunday to get it over there. Unfortunately, that means working at the weekend. Again.

At least the poet is working at the weekend too. Monkey Dust finally have their first gig since before the national lockdown in March 2020.

Have a goodun!

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