Plan for June 2021 (Mahoosive list alert!)

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I’m a bit late to the June party. This is because I’m actually on holiday this week. I’ve been doing odds and sods as well, but we’ve also be taking time out. You know, holiday time.

There is currently excitement afoot, however, as I just ordered my new mid-year diary! It will be here early next week. Yes, I sat down to plan the month ahead and noticed that there isn’t a lot of diary left. So I ordered a new one, and it’s purple. (The current one is yellow.)

I always start my year in the summer. I think it goes back to the days of school and college starting the new year in September rather than January. Plus, having a new diary to look forward to is a mid-year highlight. There’s enough going on at Christmas already.

Looking at the sidebar (it’s at the bottom on mobile devices, unless you tip them to landscape), I can see that I now have 997 followers. A massive WELCOME to you all. I hope you’re enjoying your visits.

This means I now have to ensure that I have paperbacks available for the 1,000 followers competition that should be coming up soon. (An overseas winner may prefer ebooks, that’s fine. I just don’t have the Cadbury books on ereader to give away.) It also means I have to think about the competition too.

Also, over the past week or so I’ve been reconsidering my workload and the work I want to do. Obviously, I will still be working for editing, proofreading and ghostwriting clients. But I’m absolutely desperate to be producing my own writing work too.

There will be more on this next week, possibly on Monday. So if there’s anything that looks a bit odd or alien below, it will probably all become clear next week.

Don’t forget too that I only have 18 work days in June, so that will also restrict my output.
Here, then, is the plan for June:

My writing
  • Project Management for Writers – finish writing as many chapters as I can (< 9,000 words)
  • Project Management for Writers – get the poet’s input on as many chapters as I can
  • Night Crawler – publish 29 individual chapters (of 34, I’ll include the epilogue with Ch 34), one at a time, on Medium*
  • Diary of a Scaredy Cat – publish 29 individual chapters (of 37, but some will be merged and others dropped), one at a time, on Medium*
  • Republish 5 x Wednesday Writing Prompts on Medium*
  • Publish Arrivederci Roma on Medium*
  • Republish Twee Tales in paperback (the current publisher doesn’t print in or distribute to Europe)
  • Republish Twee Tales Too in paperback
  • Republish Twee Tales Twee in paperback
  • Think about the 1,000 followers competition
  • Plan The Two of Wands short story
  • Plan The Ace of Cups short story
  • Write The Two of Wands (3,500 words)
  • Plan The Ace of Swords short story
  • Plan The Ace of Pentacles short story
  • write 9,000 words for The Beast Within
  • outline & query new finance series article #1
  • outline & query new finance series article #2
  • outline & query new finance series article #3
  • outline & query new finance series article #4
  • outline & query new finance series article #5
  • write new finance series article #1 (2,000 words)
  • write one new standalone short story (2,000 words)

* I’ll share more about Medium next week …

Cor blimey, guv’nor. Look at that lot! I could go on and on and on … but I think I’ll leave it there for now and maybe revisit it mid-month.

Client work

This is the work already in as at 1 June, and already anticipated to arrive before the end of the month.

  • write & submit blurb for ghostwriting book #4 (500 words)
  • finish & submit 3rd ghostwriting instalment, book #4 (20,000 words)
  • finish & submit bonus short story for ghostwriting client, book #4 (3,000 words)
  • start 1st ghostwriting instalment, book #5 (16,000 words)
  • lose weight
  • join Slimming World
  • increase walks to 2½ miles (carried over from last month)
Over to you …

What are your plans for the month ahead?

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  1. Wow. Quite a list. My list is simple – keeping on going with Rodders! Take care x

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