Pomodoros rule!

I was late again to my desk on Friday morning, but I had done a lot of work already on the mobile phone, both in bed and over breakfast.

For example, I checked emails, the bank and social media, and I did another job search.

At my desk, the first job I did was an hour of date work. Then I had to answer some final (I hoped!) queries for the interview I did for The War Cry magazine.

For both of these, I set my Pomodoro so that I could focus on just the jobs in hand, and I was able to concentrate on both without drifting off to surf the internet.

I continued to set my timer and did another two Pomodoros, with two breaks, working on the writers’ guide. I wrote the first draft of Chapter 2, and I recorded 1,305 new words. Then I compiled it and sent what I have so far to my guest expert (aka the poet) for his input.

After dinner, I had two more Pomodoros, but this time I worked on the outline for The Beast Within. Well, first of all I made sure that I had Night Crawler in the Marcie Craig collection file and in the right format (I did), and then I started work on the sequel.

I tidied up the first half of Act 1, and I started work on the second half. Already I can see it improving.

Next up was the ghostwriting gig. However, first of all I wanted to print it all off so far and refresh my memory. Ten chapters and 20,000 words later, and after reading it aloud to the poet and the dog, it was 5:30pm and home time.

So, after a tiring but productive day, I closed the office down and looked forward to a weekend off.

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