Planning for 2021

As I’m up to date with client work, today I decided to start planning my own writing work for the new year.

I use a 10-project planner spreadsheet. And while the above is still very much under construction, this opening page gives you the gist of what it looks like.

I have yet to move the total word-count per project from the ‘writing goal’ boxes to the ‘project total’ boxes. And I have yet to come up with projected completion dates.

In fact, there is still a lot of work to do, including completing the wordcount sheets for each month.

The eagle-eyed may notice that there’s another ghostwriting job in there. This is because the ghostwriting client has already asked if I’d like to do another one. Of course, I’m delighted about that and already excited to write another.

This image doesn’t look as good as the actual spreadsheet does, but it gives you an idea. Basically, the blue columns are writing goals, the pink columns are revision goals. And the coloured titles are the colours also used for the progress bar charts.

I also have a spares sheet, just like this one, in case any get bumped due to other pre-paid projects coming in. Remember, this is my living and I do still have to earn money. So if a commission comes in, that gets priority.

I love this planner. I love that it’s so visual.

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