A weekend off

King’s Wood (© Ian Wordsworth 2020)

A couple of weeks ago we went in search of Bawtry Forest. Apparently, once upon a time, the poet camped there when he was doing part of his Duke of Edinburgh award.

Although we found the forest, we couldn’t find anywhere to park. And we ended up on what we’re sure is a private road as it ran through the middle of a massive pig farm. The pigs looked well, though.

As we drove around, we did stumble upon a small wood. So we parked up, changed into our boots, and went for a quick ramble.

King’s Wood just outside Bawtry in Doncaster is apparently an ancient wood. When we were there lots of families were there too, gathering sweet chestnuts.

As it’s only a few minutes’ drive from us, I think we’ll be going again.


I was supposed to be catching up on NaNoWriMo over the past few days. But it was our last long weekend of the year before we break up in the middle of December.

I’d been working so hard to get the ghostwriting gig done that the poet (aka the business manager) told me to take the weekend off and have a rest.

I didn’t argue. He thought I might, and was prepared. But I didn’t.

But it does mean I’m really behind on NaNo now, so I might bow out gracefully and just write The Beast Within as a normal work thing.

Long weekend

On Friday, we chilled and dossed. And the poet recorded his section of the latest Monkey Dust lockdown video.

On Saturday, we did the shopping and went to visit the poet’s mum. We stayed outside, I stayed in the car, she stayed on her doorstep. When we got home, we baked. He made a quiche, I made some fairy cakes.

On Sunday, we went to the seaside. When we got back, the poet finalised the Monkey Dust lockdown video. (You can see it here on YouTube.)

On Monday, we baked again. He made a chicken pie, I made a bread & butter pudding.

Back to work

The only job I’ve done today has been some tweaks to the ghostwriting gigs following beta reader feedback. I also did quite a lot of housework.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive.

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  1. It seems we’re all doing lots of baking. There is always something very comforting in it. Amazing video, how they can all work together during lockdown.

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