This week, Matthew, I’m going to be a novelist …

The wallpaper on my phone lock screen.

This 3D picture of Mr Punch has been on many of my phones for a very long time. I found him on an artist’s website, and I remember being very impressed with her work – and I’m sure the artist was a she. 

He first appeared on my blog when it was over on Blogger. I’ve since moved all of my blog post archive to WordPress, and the first few years have been deleted.

I like him a lot. He’s a bit sinister, and he sits inside my phone screen, his eyes appearing to follow me, and his head seeming to move.

I’d love to know where I found him and who the artist was. I would have credited her back on my original blog post and I’d prefer to do that again. I just hope I don’t get issued with a take-down notice in the meantime.

If you think you know who the artist is and have a link to her website, do please put it in the comments below.

He’s now on the lock screen of my new phone.


My first job of the day was to revisit Chapter 2 of the ghostwriting gig and hopefully flesh it out a bit. The poet was working at home and we both sat at the kitchen table. I have an old laptop that has an internet connection on it as well as Scrivener. So we were able to work side by side once again.

I finalised Chapter 2. I’m still a little short of my 2,000-word target per chapter. But it’s less than 100 words each so far.

Then I had a break before coming back to it.

I had another bash, but ended up spending time looking for and saving images. I didn’t get very much of Chapter 3 written because after dinner I had to go out on an errand to town and the traffic was horrendous. There was one road closure that took us all around the Wrekin (all over the place), it was scrunner time (school runner), and town traffic was, well, town traffic.

I’m really enjoying this work. I think it’s because I know I’m being paid to write fiction. I’m being paid to write a novel, and I’m really going to town on it. I hope I’m not overdoing it a bit. The being paid part makes the writing so much easier, as my time is usually spent earning a living.

Jobs to do today

  • blog post = 500 words ✅
  • ghostwrite 4,440 words
  • diary work for next week

The word meters will be back once I’m juggling several projects again.