Oops, forgot to give it a title!

Dog walk

The dog and I once again attempted to find the circular path the three-legged dog and its humans had used, this time armed with the poet.

Last week, it was just the dog and me, and I gave up and turned around when I thought the path between the houses and the old airfield was getting a bit … creepy.

This time, we explored where I thought the path might come out, right next to a little parking space almost opposite our house.

Within seconds we’d arrived at the place I’d abandoned it before. I’d made it to around 150 yards from the end of the path, and in turn around another 100 yards to our house. That’s how close I’d been before giving up, turning around and going back the way I’d come.

The area is quite clearly a bit of waste ground, perhaps a buffer between the old airfield and the new housing estate. That didn’t stop one household having this little allotment (see picture) along the way. And it had produce growing in it too.

Yesterday, once the poet came home from work, we tried another walk, this time to the back of our house where there’s a massive … something. We don’t know if it’s a green, if it’s a playing field, if it’s a common, or if it’s anything to do with the old RAF base.

It could have been a practice field,or it could have been a recreation area.

Or, it could just have been the common. We’re going to call it the common from now on.

There are lots of other paths branching off this common, going in all sorts of directions. I know there’s a woods in one direction. Perhaps, as my fitness builds up agin, we might explore further.


I caught up with all of my work, every last bit of it. And yes, that includes proofreading The Life of Richard Cadbury and getting the corrections back to the publisher.

Apart from my own writing work, my desk is currently clear.

Isn’t it amazing how this affects the structure of the work day? For I’ve been feeling at a bit of a loose end since I finished the Cadbury book and unable to settle at anything. I still have to index the book, but I’m going to wait for the next proofs before doing that in case the corrections and the missing foreword affect the pagination.

Instead of buckling down and getting on with the writing I always complain I never have time to do, I’ve been reading and studying.

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I’m still reading the Elizabeth George book and the intention was to read Careless in Red, which is her working example. But I’ve already read quite a few of the Lynley books, right up to Playing for the Ashes, which is the Lynley Book 7, and Careless in Red is Lynley Book 15. So that’s a lot of story missing in between.

I decided to go back to the beginning and jog my memory, and see what’s available on Kindle, because it’s been a very long time since I read Book 7, and the next one on my physical bookshelf is A Place of Hiding, which is Book 12. I was delighted to see that Books 1 – 4 were in an omnibus edition for just 99p. And onto my Kindle it went!

So I’ve been reading, with a clear conscience, and learning while I’m at it.

Domestic goddess

Of course, that means I have no excuse really for not doing any household chores.

So this morning I put a washload away, hung a washload out, put another load through and will bring the washing in when it’s dry before the sun goes off it. It’s a nice, warm, breezy day that’s a little hazy, so the washing should dry nicely.

I filled the dishwasher, emptied it, and filled it again. I went around emptying all of the bins and will take the blue and the green ones to the end of the drive shortly. And I did a little bit of cooking …

I cooked some pasta to eat cold in salads for a couple of days, I boiled eggs to eat cold with salad or on their own, and I made a fruit jumble crumble for puddings for the next 3 days. (We eat it warm with low fat vanilla yoghurt or low fat ice cream in the summer, custard in the winter.)

Perhaps not quite goddess material, but compared to what I usually manage …

Meanwhile, my subconsious is working away, quite consciously as it happens, about how to tackle my own projects and in what order. When I sat down to work on Catch the Rainbow last week, I was actually a little bored. So I need to find my second wind … or in my case, my seventy-second wind I’ve tackled it so many times!

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