Book review: Let it Snow

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Let it Snow, Sue Moorcroft
Thanks to NetGalley and to Avon Books UK for an advance copy of Let it Snow by Sue Moorcroft.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I love Christmas anyway, and this book had snow too. Lots of snow. And a spotty dog.

Lily wants to meet her brothers. Her sister is against the idea and her parents aren’t completely on board. But that doesn’t stop Lily moving to the village where at least one of her brothers lives and works, and it doesn’t stop her travelling to Switzerland either to meet the other one.

The story is very well-written with some great characters. I did think the mad dash at Christmas was a bit unlikely, especially as this meant dropping everything, including breaking a promise to Isaac. And there was quite the info-dump from Hayley’s mouth after she received her prognosis.

But generally, it’s a nice festive story with some good characters, and it certainly put me even more in the mood for Christmas this year a few months too early.