Friday 19 September 2019

I was surprised at how much work I got through yesterday as Thursdays are usually rubbish. I generally wake up tired and often don’t want to get out of bed. Perhaps having a goal is helping.

The day began at breakfast, funnily enough, with me reading the next NetGalley book. It’s a Christmas story and I love Christmas, but I’m enjoying the book as well. Always useful, that.

My first Pomodoro of the day was deciding what to do in each of the Pomodoros. It’s much quicker not having to think about what to do now when the Pomodoro is upon me. Having them all listed – only buzzwords, nothing too detailed – means I can go straight into them without any delays.

Then I had my morning 25-minute social media fix. I finished writing up the Pomodoros early – it really isn’t a big job – and I sneaked in some extra social media time. Twitter really needs a lot of work at the moment as I mute and hide Tweets and Twits I’m not remotely interested in. With only one or, at most, two visits a day, I’m just not catching up with them all at all. How does everyone else do it?

Next up was 25 minutes on the job board. The intention was to do a quick search to see if I’ve been missing any interesting or juicy jobs. I ended up updating my profile, changing my minimum and hourly rates and adding capped rates as well. This meant my single job-search Pomodoro morphed into several. Oh well. I’ll get there in the end.

Last job of the morning session was to write yesterday’s writing diary. And I’ve decided to move that up to 2nd position today, right after I’ve written up the daily Pomodoros. And as that one is so quick, I might get to do the diary early too.

The afternoon session was more productive. I was still fannying around on the job board, but I managed to pitch for one job, a writing gig this time. I’ve never, ever pitched for a writing gig on the job board. They’ve all been editing or proofreading. So this meant I had to draft a basic proposal as well that lists my experience and relevant testimonials.

Yes, a lot of clients ask that your proposal isn’t copy and pasted, but the biography and testimonials are usually the same each time. I also have my fees written at the top so I can quickly tailor the quote to suit and come up with an accurate rate and delivery time.

It’s gig list day for Diane’s Gig List on a Thursday. The poet does the actual gig list each week now, but we both share it on our FB pages, and my job is to schedule Monday’s post asking for the coming weekend’s gigs. So yesterday I shared the gig list and did the scheduled post. That was another Pomodoro.

And then it was reading, reading and writing again for the Cadbury book. The pile of books in the “done” box is getting bigger, and the pile of books on the desk “to do” is getting smaller. And I added 964 words to the book, giving me a running total so far of 2,578. Only 67,422 to go …

After this morning’s social media fix, two Pomodoros have been allocated to The Fool. We have a writers’ group meeting on Monday and I like to have something new to read out if I can. Then the rest of the day is Richard Cadbury work.

I don’t believe we have anything planned for the weekend. This is very good as we’re both full of cold at the moment. We may squeeze in some visiting and I’d like to go to the farm shop to get some seasonal and local food. BUT … I don’t want to fill an empty weekend yet with plans. We may need the rest.

Have a great weekend!