Wednesday 11 September 2019

Yesterday was a very good day.

It’s as though Tuesday is the new Monday. I’ve always been more enthusiastic and productive on a Monday and then it’s generally all downhill from there. But now Monday afternoons are taken up, all of that has changed.

I started the morning with just one Pomodoro (25 minutes) on social media, running down Facebook and Twitter, hiding the stories I’d seen, muting the retweets I don’t really want to see, and I had a good clear-out of all my spam folders on email. (I have four email addresses I administer on a regular basis, and one that’s just occasional.)

Two blog posts were written, one for the writing diary and one for the writers’ group. I caught up on three days of 14 Days … units and exercises using one of the writing sprints to write the blog posts.

For my morning session, I wrote 1,413 words.

In the afternoon, I created a Facebook event for Monkey Dust for this Friday and I did Day 9 of 14 Days … on the right day, using the writing sprint to do some character work for The Fool.  I checked my Scrivener binder for Richard Cadbury and was delighted to see that it’s all working now how I want it to, and I started the bibliography.

I also wrote another blog post, scheduled for this morning, and I added to one of the writers’ guides.

For my afternoon session, I wrote 773 words, giving me a daily total of 2,186 words.

Today I’m going to split my time between The Fool and Richard Cadbury. For The Fool, I’m writing. For Richard Cadbury, I’m reading and writing. If I run out of steam on either, I’ll switch to editing Catch the Rainbow. I also have today’s 14 Days … unit and exercise to do.