Monday 9 September 2019

Friday was a good day, although I was still faffing with Scrivener as it was a new reinstall. I’d learnt a lot of things during the outage the previous day and I wanted to apply some of what I’d learnt.

I did my 14 Days … exercise and rebooted my Pomodoro Tomato. During the morning I wrote a new blog post, and I wrote some new material for The Fool. During the afternoon, I contacted the new client and I wrote another blog post and some more new material for The Fool.

I also allowed myself, both in the morning and in the afternoon, one Pomodoro (25 minutes) per session on social media.

The 14 Days … is working, and so is the Pomodoro. Phew!

I had intended on keeping up with both the 14 Days … exercises and the Richard Cadbury book over the weekend, but as is usually the way, real life had other plans and we were busy.

Monkey Dust had a gig Saturday night in Doncaster and my niece and nephew were coming to see them and then coming back to ours to stay. So we had to get the rooms ready as well as do the shopping.

Sunday was slightly better planned, but as is the way with a very late night, we slept in quite late too. We went to visit the poet’s mum and, when we got back, we did some garden work. By late afternoon, we were both at our desks … but my computer was playing up …

I’m not having the best of times at the moment with technology.

Last week, Yahoo mail fell over, my Scrivener stopped working, and we had a power cut while I was right in the middle of something. Now yesterday, when I tried to do some weekend work, my desktop computer had lost both its memory and its settings. I couldn’t go into settings and do a recovery either. So it was a full-blown factory reset from DOS. ☹

Because I’m not already busy enough.

I wanted to catch up with my 14 Days … and I wanted to do some reading for Richard Cadbury. Instead, I was first of all trying to get the computer to work properly and then, once I realised what was wrong (it took quite some time), I had to do that reset. And then I had to start reinstalling my work software.

I’ve decided to keep the desktop as basic as possible, leaving off all the fancy bells and whistles. There’s still a lot of stuff to go on, though, and I had to add all of my essentials to the browser again. There are bookmarks on Opera, but the speed dial seems to need doing every time.

This morning, we had another powercut overnight, and now I’m really struggling to reinstall my printer.

I don’t have a lot of time today either, as it’s writers’ group day. So I’ll do what I can. Thank goodness I managed some new material last week. Unfortunately, if I haven’t already printed it off, then I currently can’t …

I have a client I need to reply to before I go out and I’m going to have just one more bash at installing my printer.