Friday 6 September 2019

Yahoo mail fell over yesterday, which meant I couldn’t pick up Day 4 of 14 Days … I did nip onto the forum to see if there was a link to web version, but nobody replied. Perhaps I should have just reported it as a fault.

The crash was global, apparently, and started at about 7am UK time. It also affected BT and Sky email accounts. It didn’t come back up again until early afternoon.

While I waited, I wrote yesterday’s blog post and I wrote another to post this morning. I added to one of the writers’ guides, and I started my Scrivener binder for … Richard Cadbury. I wrote 2,128 words yesterday morning, which is pretty darned good.

I also hung out a line of washing in the morning.

I did start the game off over breakfast for 4 hours first thing, because there were something like 10 x 4-hour quests and I wanted to start them all again at dinnertime. (I had 5 qualifiers I could set for 4 hours, so needed to set them off twice.) But then I forgot to go back again until teatime …

What I didn’t know when I broke for dinner was aside from the Yahoo mail crash there was also a technical glitch in Scrivener. I wanted to get it started before I actually stopped for something to eat at 1pm … but at 2pm I was still faffing with it so had to get something to eat anyway.

I did some searching to find out what I was doing wrong on Scrivener and I learnt how to do a few more things I’d not had time to peruse before. But I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong when trying to get my chapter titles to show in my compile. I tried logging out and back in again, and then there was a licensing error.

In the end I tried uninstalling and reinstalling … and that worked! So it must have been a glitch and not anything I was doing wrong or that had happened in a recent update.

By now the entire afternoon had almost gone, but I did manage to do yesterday’s 14 Days … exercise, which involved a lot of thinking. I’m already quite good at thinking.

I also managed to get some words into the Richard Cadbury Scrivener file, I wrote and scheduled another blog post for Monday, and I added a few more words to the writers’ guide. In the afternoon, despite technical gremlins, I wrote 1,401 words, giving me a total for the day of 3,529 words.

I am be very happy with that one.

I forgot about the washing, and had to go and get it before it got too damp. Yesterday was also apparently a day of forgetfulness. At least I didn’t burn any boiled eggs like I did earlier in the week … (yes, really).

Today, I’ve already started my 14 Days … exercise. I’ve unearthed my Pomodoro tomato and am working in 25-minute bursts. I’m also trying to get this blog post written within 25 minutes. In my 10-minute breaks, I’m doing household chores.

Other jobs for today include:

  • contact new client and let him know I probably can’t start his job until a week on Monday
  • write two new scenes for The Fool
  • update diary of a pocket novel
  • continue with Scrivener file for Richard Cadbury