Tuesday 3 September 2019

I’m getting used to the electronic diary, but it’s taking time. I keep wanting to look at something in my physical diary and then remembering that it’s on my phone or on the desktop.

I finished the quick editing job yesterday morning and sent it back explaining that while I’m quite busy for the next few weeks I can still fit in a few quick, short jobs. This morning, a quick proofreading job landed in my in-box from him …

I managed my first 15 minutes of 14 Days to a Solid Writing Habit … well, actually, I watched the video in the morning (apx. 8 minutes) and then did the timed exercise in the afternoon. The timed exercise was my last job of the day, before packing up at 6pm.

There was also one quite long blog post yesterday (this one will be shorter) and a trip to the writers’ group in the afternoon.

Also, I set up my new month workload/word-count spreadsheet for September. This is in .odt format so I can see it on the notebook/switch, but I don’t know yet how to do everything in it that comes naturally in Excel. So I had to open it in Excel and do the work in there, ready to open it again in OpenOffice. That took a little longer than I wanted. I need to set aside time to learn OpenOffice at least as well as I know Word and Excel, I think.

But not just now.

Quite late last night, an exciting email arrived from Richard Cadbury’s great-granddaughter. I intend to reply to that today.

Today is going to be all about writing. I’m going to start a new blog diary for the non-fiction book and I have the writers’ group meeting to write up and post.

I’ve already started today’s exercises for 14 Days … This time it consists of three parts, the third part of which is another timed writing exercise.

Last night the poet made a delicious savoury mince for tea, using turkey breast mince and cauliflower rice. We weren’t at all sure what it would taste like, but we agreed that it was in fact very nice and we’d certainly have it again. If I get around to a My Fat Year post on Friday, I may include the recipe.