Wednesday 24 July 2019

I’m late to my desk this morning, following last night’s terrific storm. The dog didn’t stop shouting at the shouty sky until looooong after the sky had stopped shouting, and that disturbed the night really. (The poet was away.)

I did enjoy watching it, though, until the lightning got too bright and I had to pull the blind and draw the curtains.  That means my writing work today will be at a minimum as I need to crack on with the editing job.

Yesterday was a good, productive day, though.

I started to read the new book for NetGalley, which is one that has already grabbed me. It opens in 1918 Russia in the heart of the soon-to-be-ex-royal family, and I had to restrict myself to just the one chapter as I had loads of other stuff to do.

Last week’s proofreading job was all about Russia too, so I think I’m going to enjoy this book armed with what I learnt last week.

I read another chapter of research material for the Richard Cadbury book, and I emailed the family to let them know I’d not forgotten about them. I also had to email the publisher as the delivery date has moved along by nearly two months following that delay with the contract.

I’m into it now, though, making mental notes of chapter headings, what I want to include, what I still need to find out and what I’d like to look at if I manage to go down to Birmingham again for research.

I wrote up two blog posts, including the writers’ group report. I did diary work for the week, allocating slots to work. And I finally hand-wrote the latest alphabet adventure into our alphabet adventure bible.

It was a very hot day, reaching 33°C here, I think. I know it was expected to reach 37°C in the south-east.

This might not seem very hot to readers in other countries, but we don’t have air conditioning here and, without a breeze, opening windows only lets in midges.

We do have a giant fan, but it is very noisy. The dog seemed to enjoy the cool he felt standing in front of it, but he didn’t like the way it blew his fur around and he kept on hiding his head or snapping at his tail-end.

Today I have more reading to do. I want to read another chapter for NetGalley, another chapter for the Cadbury book, and another chapter of Writing the Killer Mystery (Vol 3) for The Beast Within.

I have a review to write for NetGalley, and then I need to get a shake on with the editing job, as he needs it back by the end of Friday.