Book review: Murder in the Med

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Murder in the Med, Peter Mayle
Thanks to NetGalley and to Bloodhound Books for an advance copy of Murder in the Med by the late Peter Mayle.

I really enjoyed this story and think it’s a great, quick read to accompany anyone on their summer holiday.

For a murder mystery, it was very relaxed and morphed into a bit of a caper at times. But the writing is glorious and colourful, and it brought Marseilles to life for me.

I’ve never read Mayle before, so not sure if this is his style, but I was confused at the start by his use of one version of a character’s name at first, and then subsequently referring to them as something completely different from there on in. He did the same with the boat – one minute it was just a yacht, the next it had a name. But this really was my only niggle, and I soon got over it.

I’ll certainly be looking out for more of this author’s fiction in future.