Cutting your losses

After much hand-wringing and some discussion with friends and colleagues, I made a tough decision and sent a particularly heavy edit back to the author yesterday. It was taking me too long and I couldn’t really do it any justice, as I was struggling to work out what the author was trying to say on far too many occasions.

I was worried, obviously, because I do need the work. But I had already spent 3 days on it and it was going to take at least a fortnight, and that time really could be better spent doing other things – such as working on Catch the Rainbow or the new biography. So I decided to cut my losses and send it back.

I needn’t have worried, though, because almost immediately, a new job came in to replace it. That one has been printed off this morning (I only just had enough printer paper), and I’m working on it this afternoon.

It was a late start for me this morning too. I think I was fannying around doing stuff, rustling chickens, catching up on admin, playing a game (tut, tut!).

Two payments came in too – one from a client, one from ALCS – and I transferred those around a bit, moving some (exactly 10%) to my 10% savings pot, some to my current account and the rest to my “holding” account … where I, er, “hold” the money until I need it …

But I also managed to have a bit of a go on the novel. A chunk ended up being deleted, so that affected the word-count a little. But I still managed to write 526 new words and complete another scene.

After a late-ish lunch, I’m just composing this blog, and then I’ll be getting on with the new edit.

Shopping tonight, as I need to pick up some more printer paper, and I’ll be dropping off the new book contract on the way back, duly signed.

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