Chicken rustling

I had a relatively productive day yesterday. I stuck to my schedule and kept on top of the household chores. I did some writing work, a blog post, and some editing work. And I was able to finish work on time, or not long after.

This morning I managed my first two Pomodoros on Catch the Rainbow. That was 50 minutes in all, with two 10-minute breaks for household chores. I had a bit of a brain murmur and started Scene 5 in a different place, with dialogue and, therefore, with action.

I changed a lot of the passive language to active writing. Hopefully that will move things along a bit quicker. I also rewrote some big chunks and I wrote a couple of brand new bits. The rest was mild redrafting.

Saying that, I only managed 617 words in all, but I’m on the fifth scene, and I know exactly where to pick up from tomorrow morning.

Once I finish this blog post, I’ll be back to the editing job. And I still have the new book contract to go through.

This week’s editing job is going to need a bit more work than usual. I tried to pass it back to the client, but he asked me to persevere. So I will, but I’m taking my time with it, I’m not going to break my neck over it or work overtime. I’m just going to plod along. Otherwise, I may make mistakes myself, or I may just miss things.

Baldy has taken to escaping from the garden, and she’s doing it a lot more now we’ve tidied up the bird garden. The trouble is, the bird garden is at the side of the house and the chicken could wander out onto the road. So I’ll be keeping half an eye out for that.

Thankfully, yesterday, the dog’s gurgling belly didn’t come to anything. He’s a lot more lively today.

2 thoughts on “Chicken rustling

  1. Sounds like Baldy is making a bid for freedom! I think you’ve got your work cut out with the latest editing. It’s certainly an unusual style!

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