Review: The Blinders, Social Bar, Doncaster

Thomas Haywood, The Blinders (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

On Wednesday, we went to see Doncaster band The Blinders, as guests of the venue, the Social Bar, Doncaster.

The Blinders were supported by Calva Louise, who opened the event. and were greeted by a packed audience.

This punkadelic 3-piece is now based in Manchester, but they haven’t forgotten their roots, often returning to play their home town.

They’re dark, they’re heavy, they’re interesting, they’re energetic and they make a lot of noise.

You can watch some of their videos on the website, you can buy their debut single and their EP on itunes, you can buy their album, and you can listen to them on BBC radio.

If you haven’t seen these lads yet, but get the chance, do go. They’re one of the best local bands we’ve seen in a long while and they’re going to be big.

(This review also appears on Diane’s Gig List.)

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