Just messin’

Today was supposed to be the start of the new regime. I was going to have a good long look at the work I already have in and the work I already have planned and then I was going to put it into some sort of order.

So far, I’ve updated the diary for the rest of this week, and I’ve completed my diary for my first week back at work next year.

I’ve broken the back of it, then …

Actually, I’ve done a bit more than that.

Mornings at the moment are filled with admin work, jobs that have to be done, client jobs here and there. On an ideal working day, the morning will be spent on my own writing work – and my own admin work, so perhaps that’s not so bad. The afternoon will be spent on client work.

I had a busy admin morning doing bits and bobs around the office as well as my usual chores around the house, plus a few paid jobs.

This afternoon, I’ve hauled out Diary of a Pussycat to familiarise myself with that. I still have exercises to add for almost every single week, I have to make sure the bibliography includes all books mentioned throughout, and I have to check that my “also by the author” is up to date. But I was delighted to see that the text is all formatted nicely and it’s almost ready for a proofread.

Then I started to tidy up the front page of the blog (you can probably only see what I mean if you’re on a desktop or laptop). And that, my friends, is where it all went a bit pear-shaped.

You see, it was all looking a bit … messy. Where there are pictures, they were all different sizes and shapes, and where it was just the NaNoWriMo badge, it all looked a bit … dull.

I sorted out the NaNoWriMo badge first so that it only appears on one of the blog excerpts on the front page. All the others are now the little Writertopia man. Then I decided which one would include the 2018 winner badge. But then I had to find out how to edit images so that all the pictures – the book covers too – were all roughly the same size.

Ages and ages ago, WordPress changed its editing interface, and I didn’t like it. I liked the original, thank you very much. I knew where everything was and how to change things so it all looks nice and tidy. Fortunately, we were able to continue with the old interface if we preferred.

But in the past week or so I noticed there was another editing interface coming out, which I also didn’t like. But when I queried it with WordPress, they said the new new editing interface would be replacing the old new editing interface and the old original interface in the new year, and everyone would be moving across to it.

Eek! 😱😬

They also asked me to create separate help topics in the forum for each part of the new interface I couldn’t get along with – old new and new new.

Well, that seemed like a lot of work for which they won’t be paying me. So today I had a look at the first thing I couldn’t get along with – editing image size.

And voila! The help topic that already covered this issue told me exactly where to go and what to do.

So that’s what I’ve been doing – for the front page only. I really don’t have time right now to go through and do them all.

At the moment, I’m creating this post on the old original interface, but I’m feeling more confident about trying out the old new interface. Perhaps I may get very clever and try out the new new interface too …

And that is what I’ve been doing today.

This evening we’re off out to see The Blinders at the Social Bar in Doncaster (this is a ticket-only event). Now we live a bit closer to town, we can go out on a school night and still be home at a reasonable hour. I think the poet is taking his camera with us, so we may put something up on the gig list.

Tomorrow, I’ll have another go at organising my workload. Wish me luck.