NaNoWriMo 2018 – intermission: days 22 – 28

We had a very busy weekend with Monkey Dust playing both Friday and Saturday evenings. Two very late nights on the trot automatically mean two very late lie-ins the next day too.

I also had a massive proofreading job I wanted to finish, and I ended up finishing it at the gig on Saturday evening so that we could drop it in by hand on the way home.

Plus, we needed to do our weekly shopping and we took MiL shopping as well.

And then I took ill. That psychological tooth turned out to be a nasty abscess that flares up about once every 4 years. And there was us without a dentist.

The weekend was spent mostly eating anti-inflammatories and painkillers. and then feeling very, very poorly from the anti-inflammatories. I switched to a gel, which worked, but spent a lot of time in bed feeling very sorry for myself and very sick.

The emergency dental service got me an appointment for 3:30pm on Monday and they gave me antibiotics. They wanted to take the tooth out, but dentists have wanted to take this tooth out for 10 years or more and then once the antibiotics have kicked in they’ve left it. So they agreed to leave it so long as we registered with a dentist.

On the way home from the emergency dental clinic, we picked up registration forms from our chosen new dentist, but they might not be able to see me for up to 2 weeks.

Today has been my first day out of bed and my first day dressed. I’ve lost quite a few pounds in weight, but I expect those will pile back on again as soon as I start eating again. The antibiotics are working, slowly, and my painkiller consumption has reduced to just one 500mg paracetamol every 4 hours during the day and 2  Solpadeine at bedtime.

Tomorrow I will be back at it with renewed vigour, said she hopefully. But today I’m taking it easy.

The poet is having a flare-up of his own too. His sinuses have become infected so today we have to pick antibiotics up for him as well. But he needs probiotics too, as antibiotics make him violently ill.

We’re a right pair!

I also notice that the Writertopia meter isn’t working properly at the moment. It’s probably taking a bit of a bashing as we near the end of NaNoWriMo.

word meter from Writertopia