NaNoWriMo rules, OK


About a year ago … actually, exactly a year ago, I was preparing for NaNoWriMo 2017. I had a book contract under my belt for A History of Cadbury and I’d learnt how to use Scrivener.

During NaNo I wrote that book and spent the following months (between other work) editing it, polishing it, submitting it, proofreading it and – finally – indexing it.

This year, on 30 November, exactly a year after finishing NaNo 2017, my book will be published.

This is the hardback cover pictured, and it’s a double-whammy for us because the poet’s photographs feature on both the front cover and the back cover.

The indexing part was a new thing for me, not in my comfort zone at all. And the researching part was slightly harder than I expected, mostly due to the amount of travel. But for the first time in, like, for ever, I finished a project and will have an end product.

As all of this is exactly one year ago, naturally that time of year is coming around again. And I have two projects competing for attention: The Beast Within – a Marcie Craig mystery and Catch the Rainbow.

Catch the Rainbow has already been my featured novel on NaNoWriMo not once but twice. The Beast Within has only been there once – so far. I’m itching to be writing the new book, but I’m also conscious that I need to finish the other one as well.

If I work on Catch the Rainbow, it will be a totally new treatment and it may be a Marcie Craig mystery with a difference.

Of course, there’s still time for all of this to change and inspiration to strike for something completely new. So while I ponder and cogitate, please consider pre-ordering A History of Cadbury – apparently people have already done so!

It’s available from Pen & Sword Books, direct link here.

Many thanks!

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