Book review: Falling Short

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Falling Short, Lex Coulton
Thanks to NetGalley and to John Murray Press for an advance copy of Falling Short, the debut novel by Lex Coulton.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like it. At all. And it certainly wasn’t funny – in my opinion. Instead it was like a bitter stream of consciousness – or unconsciousness – as it drifted from place to place and jumped from one character’s head to another.

I found the names of the schoolchildren completely pretentious and almost impossible to remember. I wasn’t sure which was the main plot and which was the sub-plot. I couldn’t empathise with any of the characters. There was far, far too much backstory and introspection. And I wondered if the book was trying to be something it wasn’t – literary.

I’d almost about given up when one of the main characters, Jackson, suddenly admitted to thinking about cooking Maria Callas – a prime example of bad editing/proofreading.

I struggled on for a few pages more, but then there was such a big anti-climax and the book just dragged on and on that I scan-read the last few pages as it spluttered to an unsatisfying end.

I suppose it felt unpolished, which is a shame as Coulton can clearly write and, underneath all of this, there’s the basis for a very good storyline. It just got lost somewhere.

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    1. Bit harsh? I was quite disappointed with it, especially with all of the hype calling it “fresh” and “funny”. I found it quite dark and depressing.

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