Working at the weekend

One of the pictures the poet took for the history book. This is a chocolate box. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

I don’t often work at the weekend, or of an evening if I can help it – unless, of course, there’s a genuine emergency and only then if it’s for me or for a regular client.

Since we installed the new office, we’ve both been drawn to it, even of an evening or at the weekend. It’s the warmest room in the house, which isn’t as important now the summer’s on its way (said she …), but useful to know if we’re still here next winter.

We also have a 2-seater settee in here, which will be replaced with a 2-seater bed-settee if we can find one that fits up the narrow, steep staircase. But there’s still a mirror on the wall where one of the tellies will go.

Once that telly is on the wall, we’ll be using the room more often. While the poet’s working, I’m more than happy to sit and read quietly, or play a game, or have a mess with my own work. But if I’m working and he isn’t, he prefers to watch the telly.

It means that if one of us wants to work, we’re not leaving the other one to do so. We’re not in separate rooms, we’re not at different ends of the house. That might suit some couples, but it doesn’t suit us.

So anyway, this person – me – who refuses to work at the weekend spent an entire day in the office on Saturday (apart from when we nipped out). The poet was editing the latest Alphabet Adventurers’ video, and I was, well, working.

On Saturday, then, I:

  • added 937 words to Diary of a Cool Cat
  • wrote 909 words for Monday’s Words Worth Writing blog
  • recorded my voice-over for the latest Alphabet Adventurers’ video log
  • consolidated author, editor and proofreader corrections for favourite client
  • delivered consolidated proofs to favourite client
  • delivered illustrations disk and caption sheet to publisher for history book
  • did half a trip for the next Alphabet Adventurers’ visit
  • typed up the latest blog for the Alphabet Adventurers (723 words)
Another one of the poet’s pictures. This is how the same box looks when it’s open. (Picture: Ian Wordsworth)

Even on a regular working day I’d be happy with a list of achievements like that. So it’s a good job it’s not just happening at the weekend.

Less than two weeks of working at the new desk has resulted in more hours and a bigger output. This is very good.

Isn’t this a lovely little chocolate box?


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