New project ahead

We’ve been a bit busy in Baggins Bottom since the year began, and we’ve decided to start a new adventure on a new Facebook page with a new Twitter account and a new page.

This new page will eventually turn into a website with blogs (weblogs), vlogs (video logs), photographs, pictures, suggestions for great days out and walks, and possibly sponsored pages and adverts. It’s something we can do together, and it consolidates the poet’s photography and my writing with our love of walking, the great outdoors, our country, local history, sightseeing, and so on.

The eagle-eyed will have already noticed a new link at the top (or in the menu at the bottom if you’re reading this on a mobile phone), but it really is in the beginning stages at the moment. We need to get three weeks’-worth of posts in the bag to ensure continuity, and to make sure we have the stamina and staying power. We don’t want it spluttering to a standstill.

Words Worth Writing will still be here, and Tales from Baggins Bottom will still be there. The poet’s photography/art website will still be there too. And this blog post will appear over on Tales from Baggins Bottom as well. But this is a new joint (ad)venture that we hope will run into several years. We also hope some of you will come along with us for the ride.

Watch this space for updates and more information!