Tuesday 6 March 2024: Calm…

Image by Quang Le from Pixabay

So, I had a word with the Cosmos and I requested a calmer day today…

I thought I may have succeeded too, when a call came in from our Probate people saying a new case manager would be assigned to us as of today. They even confirmed that an interim payment – the one we didn’t ask for but which it said on the file we had asked for – was on its way at least to my sister and me. We’re also still waiting for them to confirm they have my brother’s details.

Anyway, I arrived at my desk with positivity, and…the internet was broken. So I had to trail around the house pressing buttons, resetting boosters, recoupling boxes, etc, etc, but I couldn’t get the internet working properly in the office without having all of the doors open between the office and the living room where the main router is.

When I finally got online, Facebook was apparently down. But I didn’t even notice, so little do I use that these days.

I checked my email, but there was nothing from the new case manager. And I checked my bank and there was no payment from them there either. Ah, well. Obviously I expect far too much. I mean, fancy expecting the new case manager to contact us when I was assure that they would. And fancy me actually expecting them to hand over some of the money – our money! My expectations are still far too high. Silly me.

Clearly, today wasn’t going to be a heap big improvement on the past few days. So I stepped away from the technology to work in the living room.

Apologies for the short post. Hopefully I’ll have more to share tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 6 March 2024: Calm…

  1. Oh, that’s so frustrating.

    At least the previous case manager didn’t abscond with the money, which was my first worry for you.

    I hope the day got better.

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