Monday 8 January 2024: A constant day

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

We took the tree down on Thursday and it opened up the living room to such a lot of light. The last time the window was clear of the tree, it was close to the shortest day, and we’ve been living with a light on in there most of the time ever since. Now we can see again.

The poet was feeling much better on Friday and he sounded as though his cold had finally broke, which was good news. Unfortunately, I’d been sneezing for two days… but we kept everything crossed that I’d avoided it this time.

I turned Friday on its head.

I had some paid work I wanted to get back to the client, and invoiced, before the end of the day. But the author had used strike-through in his edits, and he’d changed the colour of the font to red, which matched the colour of the tracked changes. But, of course, I couldn’t accept or reject them. So it took a bit longer than I thought it would. Once I changed the font colour to auto, it was a lot easier and quicker.

Keeping half an eye on the news from Birmingham City Football Club, that’s pretty much the only thing I worked on properly all day, although I did also squeeze in a weekly backup of my critical data. Plus, I was fielding emails and text messages regarding our mother’s probate. My stationery order was on its way too, so I was tracking that as well.

A trusted friend advised me that she was struggling to post a reply on the blog and getting a system error. I looked into it, but couldn’t find anything wrong anywhere, and I logged out and tried to leave a comment myself, which worked. I deleted it again. But if anyone else would like to have a go and can let me know elsewhere if it doesn’t work (email, Bluesky, Facebook, text message), that would be very much appreciated.

After a steady and constant day, I finished the edit and sent it to the client, and I raised the invoice and sent that off. (Yay!) Miraculously, my stationery order turned up right after I finished the work. (Yay!) I assembled my 5-shelf letter tray, stuffed a big book I’ve been editing into one of the expanding wallets (it fit!), and put everything else in regular jellies.

By then it was 5:10pm and I’d had enough. The edit was tiring, it was the weekend, I’d had a busy few days and, anyway, the poet walked in.

We didn’t have any plans for the weekend. Find out tomorrow what we got up to!

6 thoughts on “Monday 8 January 2024: A constant day

  1. Hi Diane, Don’t usually have a problem leaving a comment on here, so trying for one now. I use Safari which can be awkward but not on your blog!

    Happy new year!

  2. I surprised myself and took down all my Christmas decorations on New Year’s Day. I usually wait until a few days afterwards – guess I was just ready! Glad the Poet is feeling better!

    1. Thank you! I think I’m more glad that I don’t seem to have caught this one!

      I was ready earlier than usual too. Normally I leave them up right to the end.

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