Thursday 21 December 2023: Another free illustration

Glass red Christmas tree toy in the form of a bell on a snowy Christmas tree. Christmas card with bokeh –

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of my lovely new writer’s guides lined up on my Kindle, all nine of them. I forgot there was another freebie too that I converted, which makes it ten. But I settled down in the reading chair for an hour or so and started to read.

After a bit of a rough night (upset stomach, not the dog this time), I slept in while the poet attended the last of his video conferences before breaking up. When I got up, he had time to break for a late breakfast before going back to work.

The plan was to read another chapter of one of the writing books, but as usual, my plan was scuppered by other things. The rest of the morning, the entire morning, was spent with the conveyancing solicitor for our parents’ house. I had two phone calls with my sister, one with the solicitor’s intern, I did some research, and I wrote four emails.

When I eventually got to my desk, I was able to write and send a very short seasonal newsletter before it was time to eat again. We had cheese sandwiches and iced minced tarts. Yum! I caught up on my blog reading and replying and was about to start work again when another email came in I had to respond to.

And then the dog decided we’d both been ignoring him long enough and it was time for him to get some attention. (Sigh.) Finally I got around to starting today’s blog post before remembering that DepositPhotos had sent out another free image, so I went and collected that and copied the attribution. (It’s at the bottom of today’s post.)

I twiddled my thumbs for a moment while the garden birds made me feel really guilty that they’d eaten all the food I’d put out the day before, and I asked the poet if he’d go and feed them for me while I (*cough*) worked. He did, but they all flew away. I did my weekly tech scan, but for the third time it fell over, so I used a different program before updating the current anti-virus software.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing my tax return. (smug grin)

And that’s me done for this year. I’ll bob on tomorrow with my season’s greetings to you all, I’ll nip in during the bit in the middle with the plan for next year, and the December wrap-up will be on 29 December.

Glass red Christmas tree toy in the form of a bell on a snowy Christmas tree. Christmas card with bokeh –

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