Tuesday 21 November 2023: Fair start to the week

Image by Moondance from Pixabay

I had a fair start to the week. I was up late, again. It’s taking us both some time to stop being so tired all the time. We need to stop binge-watching television programmes into the early hours and start going to sleep earlier. The poet did great. He was up and off, although he was tired when he got home. I, on the other hand, went back to sleep and must have turned the alarm off on auto-pilot. I daresay we’ll get there.

I spent much of the morning on personal development. That’s what I call any kind of learning. I finished Week 3 of the classic sci-fi writing workshop and I watched a motivational Monday video. Then I went to collect five of the six set books for the sci-fi mystery writing workshop in January. Number 6 isn’t available yet.

I’ve started to buy my books on Google Play and convert those to Kindle epub files, as it’s a lot easier to back them up that way around. Two of the books were free, one was the same price on both Amazon and Google, one was dearer on Google, and one isn’t even available on Kindle in the UK. The only one I bought on Kindle was the one that was cheaper. Then I converted them all so I have them all backed up and easily accessible.

I think that’s the way I might do things in future. I’ll only get them from Amazon if they’re cheaper there or if they’re not available anywhere else.

Over dinner I read and I caught up with daily competitions and blogs.

After dinner, I shared the gig list on Facebook. I did this week’s diary, as I didn’t finish that last week. I shared Monkey Dust’s next gig, added the last two of the year to Diane’s Gig List, created the posters, and created the events on Facebook. The Monkey Dust stuff took longer than I thought it would because (a) there were two new gigs to announce, (b) I hadn’t already done them, and (c) all together, they’re the last three (and next three) gigs of the year.

Finally I updated my tasks on ClickUp and reconciled ClickUp and the diary for this coming week. I have a lot of short story work planned for the coming weeks and I sorted it all out on ClickUp. Once I had a workable solution, I transferred them to this week’s diary only. On Friday, I’ll revisit, see how it’s gone, and then add next week’s short story work to the diary.

Today it’s the writing hour on X, I want to upload the next chapter of Diary of a Scaredy Cat to Substack, I brainstorm a new short story, and I do more work on The Secret of Whitehorse Farm. Then it’s back to the editing.

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