Monday 2 October 2023: Publication Day!

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It’s publication day today for the rebranded and reissued Words Worth Reading. When it originally came out in October 2021, it was numbered issue 1. This time it’s been numbered issue 0.

Words Worth Reading is my new quarterly fiction collection. In the near future it will include at least two brand-new short stories, a brand-new novella, the second part in the Tarot series, and the second part of four of Night Crawler. In the distant future, there will be more series stories and new novel excerpts. But for now, it includes the following:

  • Short Story: The Girl on the Bench
  • Novella: Mardi Gras
  • Short Story (Series): The Ace of Wands
  • Short Story: The Most Scariest Night of the Year
  • Novel Excerpt: Night Crawler – Part 1 of 4
  • From the Archives: The Spirit of the Wind

Apart from the novel excerpt and the archive short story, everything in this issue was brand-new when it was first published.

Words Worth Reading is available NOW, on Kindle Unlimited (for FREE if you’re a member) and in paperback.

For now, you can find the ebook here, exclusively on Amazon.

I’ve removed the subscription forms from the bottom of posts now. If anyone wants to subscribe, use the links in the side bar (at the bottom on mobile devices).

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    1. Thank you! It would have looked great as a full colour glossy magazine, and I did bring the price down by around a tenner. But it was still very expensive.

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