Book Review: Summer in Tuppenny Bridge

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Summer in Tuppenny Bridge by Sharon Booth

Many thanks to NetGalley and to Storm Publishing for letting me see an advance reader’s copy of Summer in Tuppenny Bridge by Sharon Booth.

Welcome to a brand-new series from the creator of Skimmerdale. That’s how I felt as soon as I started to read this book. Reading a new Sharon Booth is like putting on a pair of comfy slippers and curling up with your favourite beverage. Despite this familiarity, Booth has conjured up a bright new set of colourful characters and another interesting and ‘well-painted’ location. (Pun intended, which other readers will note.)

And there ARE a LOT of characters in this series debut, so I’m expecting to find out more about many of them in future instalments. Although I do hope there won’t be quite so many people whose names begin with J (Josiah, Jamie, Joseph, Jonah, Jason, Jennifer, Jane, Jim), or not all at once at least.

There are also a lot of unusual names for many of these characters that brought to mind Colin Dexter’s use of the same. Booth’s are simply a bit more feminine and, at times, exotic, and a trait I’ve seen in her previous books.

Summer Fletcher’s mother is getting married… to the ex-husband of a former acquaintance with whom Summer and her family seem to have been previously friendly with. There’s an intriguing story all by itself. Throw in Summer’s previous experiences with men and the mysterious vet’s previous and guilt-ridden experiences of life and you have several storylines running at the same time. All of this intrigue had me turning the pages to find out more.

I don’t remember Joseph’s storyline being tied up, which felt like a bit of a loose end to me. And I did get a bit lost with all of the characters. Nevertheless, it’s still a warm and cosy holiday read with some great storylines, and I would have given it 4½ stars if I could.

Four stars.