Wednesday 10 May 2023: Short roadtrip

The current ‘touchy-feely’ notebook.

We slept in on Tuesday morning and while the poet went straight to his desk, I arrived quite a bit later. I made us both breakfast, caught up with social media and emails and I put some washing through. Then the poet helped me hang it out.

I arrived at my desk in time to join in with an hour of writerly chat on Twitter with The People’s Friend again. Then the first job was yesterday’s blog post, which I’d drafted and diarised in my touchy-feely notebook. That made it much easier to remember things when I’m not at my desk updating on a (week) daily basis. I’d been at my desk for less than an hour when we had to dash out and bring the washing in again because it was pouring with rain. Big, fat, heavy rain.

I shared the two Substack articles on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing isn’t really working at the moment for LinkedIn without a lot of palaver, so I’m leaving that for now. I hardly use it anyway. Then I updated the Trello cards and checked which one was next, went to collect it, transferred it to Substack and reformatted it, added and formatted the pictures, and scheduled it for Friday publication. I have one more ready-written article that will go on Substack next Monday, then I’ll be sharing them as I’m writing them at the same time.

For the entire time I had to try and type very, very quietly as the poet was once again attending video meetings. Naturally both the dog and the cat started to make a lot of noise and it was apparently my responsibility to keep them quiet. I failed.

Then it was time for a bit of a road trip. The poet had to go and see some of the night shift at one of his sites and Rufus and I were going along with him for the ride. We were supposed to be doing this on Friday this week too, but the poet remembered he had a gig and had to make new arrangements.

Packing my old faithful book bag, I could have done with taking some editing work with me but instead took only the Kindle Paperwhite (the battery lasts longer and there’s no screen glare), my touchy-feely notebook in case I wanted to do some brainstorming, and my two notebooks (the A5 planning book and the A4 first draft book) for The Fool. I have Save the Cat Writes a Novel on Kindle, so I didn’t have to take the hard copy with me, or rely on decent light to read by.

Another short and sweet post, then – although I did get a lot done. Today I might get around to some serious work.

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