Camp NaNo April 2023: Day 5

First job on Wednesday was to go and collect my prescription from the doctors. It was drizzling slightly, but the dog wanted to come with me, so he came too. I tied him up outside, where he sat good as gold, and I went in only to be told that the prescription wasn’t quite ready and I could either wait or come back tomorrow. I’d already ‘come back tomorrow’ and I couldn’t really wait because I had the dog outside. So they told me to fetch him in, which he was delighted about because the receptionist came around and gave him a lot of fuss. 

As soon as she could, the receptionist interrupted the doctor and had whatever she needed signing signed. She gave the dog another quick fuss, and we came home.

This was the third time I’ve done that walk since last Thursday, but I think it was the first time I noticed it was a bit easier. It’s all downhill there, but slightly uphill all the way back. Perhaps I should just go and walk to the doctors and back every day to get my exercise.

When I got back to my desk I settled down to consolidating the proofreader’s corrections to my own for the history book, and then I did the same for the author’s corrections. There were also a couple of notes from the publisher, so I incorporated those as well.

There was some good news. The poet didn’t think he’d be needed Wednesday evening in Stoke after all so he was hopefully coming home a day early. (Yay!)

I’d had Rice Krispies for my breakfast, but by the time I settled down to work I was starting to feel hungry again. The Rice Krispies aren’t low-carb at all, or low-sugar, and clearly they don’t fill me up either. But we have loads of cereal to get through before we go low-carb for breakfast and I’m loath to throw any of it away. Anyway, the nurse said last week that our diet’s fine, I just have to eat less of it. So instead of three biscuits I’ll have two… 😇

The poet rang to say he was on his way home, and not long after he landed, I finished the consolidating. (Yay!) I could have carried on with marking up the electronic pdfs with everything, but after several days of constantly reading this book, my eyes needed a rest. So I had a quick break, and then went back to Camp NaNo.

I’ll be doing today’s and tomorrow’s admin jobs today, as it’s Good Friday tomorrow, and I’ll be back here on Tuesday. Have a wonderful Easter!

Camp NaNo

Day 5: Wednesday 5 April

After only writing 213 words the day before, I had some catchin gup to do. But my eyes were tired from the proofreading, so I was easy on myself for the rest of the day. I finished Chapter 1, started Chapter 2, and wrote 1,312 words.

I added the extra diary words to the Word file, updated the NaNo website, my two word-count spreadsheets, and the progress bar below, and I wound it up.


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